WP6 – Murine healthspan

(F. Cirulli, ISS, Italy and Michael Ristow, ETH, Switzerland)

Task1. Test in mice the effects of active compounds with demonstrated activity in C. elegans on healthspan
Task2. Full phenotypic characterization of transgenic mice with genetic modifications expected to improve healthspan
Sex and gender will be factorialized in all experiments to assess their role in healthspan and their interaction with treatments. Male and female subjects will be characterized at adulthood (3 months) and during ageing (24 months). Start at M0 with WT mouse colony. M3 start testing compounds on adult mice; M12 M24 test compounds on middle aged and old mice. M36 start phenotyping transgenic subjects.

Readout domains:
Metabolic regulation; Behavioural measures; Neuroendocrine regulation;
Inflammatory readouts (cytokines); Oxidative stress.