WP8 – Dissemination and valorisation

Assure that all intellectual property is properly protected and optimally valorised.
Disseminate project results to all potentially interested parties

Deliverables (brief description and month of delivery)
D8.1: Delivery of project website (M3)
D8.2: Press releases (M1 at occasion of kick-off, and upon major discoveries)
D8.3: Scientific publications in Open Access peer-reviewed journals
D8.3: Presentations at appropriate fora
D8.4: Reports of Industrial Advisory Board meetings (M13, 25, 37, 49, 61)
D8.5: Innovation Management guidelines ready (M12)
D8.6: Report on Market analysis (M24)
D8.7: Intermediate Report on innovation management results (M24)
D8.8: Final reports on exploitation and dissemination activities (M60)
D8.9: Stakeholder evaluation report (M60)
D8.10: Detailed valorisation plan (M48)
D8.11: Detailed Innovation Management report (M48)
D8.12: Book published in Springer series “Health Ageing and Longevity” (M60)
M 8.1: International symposium completed on healthspan pathways (M55)